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5 Home Accessories that Make a Statement

Many homeowners choose to go the DIY way and slowly fill their living spaces with handmade items. You could also shop at online for ideas. Whatever you decide, these items will bring more style into your home:



Vases have always represented the ingenuity of civilizations throughout history. Time after time archaeological digs have unearthed either full or partially-full vases with some type of art on them. Vases make excellent home decor accessories as they can store various items like plants, pebbles, and stationary. Antique vases aren’t cheap though… some like Ming vases are valued for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

House Plants

vase 2

As mentioned before, houseplants go very well with vases. Flowers are the best choice as they bring color and a nice-smelling scent. Plants have an added feature of acting as natural air because they take in carbon and release oxygen. Choose plants that will go well with your home decor theme.  



Candles have been around in one form or another since ancient Chinese and Roman times. Today candles come in all sorts of colors, scents, and shapes. They can be placed around the home to create a peaceful, romantic vibe. 


Mirrors are another great home accessory that can alter the lighting in your home. Strategically placed, they illuminate the room and create an illusion of a larger living space. Mirrors can blend with all types of home decor and are a must-have for bathrooms and bedrooms. 

Art Work

wall art

Works of art make the perfect statement whether it is wall art or a canvas painting. Artwork can also be very diverse and can match well with the prevailing home decor theme. 

Photos and family portraits when framed well can also create a sense of history and continuity. Your DIY art can act as a bold statement of your style and creativity.  Van Gogh or Picasso artwork is the ultimate centerpiece if you can afford it of course!

Enjoy adding these 5 home accessories that will go best with your home decor style!

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