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5 Easy Crafts for Kids

Kids absolutely love art and easy crafts. Kids enjoy being imaginative and tapping into their creativity. Crafts give parents a fun way to entertain their children while improving their cognitive skills. An hour of working on crafts together can help develop a strong bond between you and your child. Crafts can also be a great activity for rainy days, school breaks, and weekends!

Below are 6 effortless crafts that anyone can work on with their child. 

Pasta Art

pasta art

All you need are a few pieces of multicolored construction paper, glue, and a box of uncooked macaroni noodles. The use of a variety of pasta like penne can make the craft more attractive. Be sure to set aside a pile of uncooked noodles for your child to play with. It’s a joyful activity for them.

Finger Painting

finger painting

Finger painting is a close second place for easy crafts for kids. Painting is a huge form of enjoyment! Children get to work on their fine motor skills while they glide their little fingers across the paper.

Finger Puppets

finger puppets

To create an easy finger puppet with your child, roll a piece of paper into a tube shape and paste it. On another piece of paper, draw a face. You can also use pre-made faces of favorite cartoons. Next, pace the face on top of the cylindrical tube. Be sure to use less glue to avoid messing up the artwork. Your finger puppet is now ready for play!

Sock Puppets

sock puppet

If you have a few basic craft supplies and some old socks, you can create a variety of sock puppets. Sock puppets are simple to make, and they are an awesome rainy day activity to share with kids of all ages. Just grab yourself a few old socks, some pieces of felt, fabric glue, and googly eyes and you’ll be on your way to your first puppet show.


Wood Crafts

craft stick

There are a number of simple wood crafts you can create with your child that do not require sawing and hammering nails. Choose between tablecloth clips, clothespins, craft sticks. Then get some water-color paint, glue, and anything else that would look great. Let your child’s imagination run wild! 

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